De Bouwpas

The central hub for worker identification in the construction industry. Making construction a fair and safe place to work.

2019 is the year we break through

De Bouwpas was established five years ago. Our mission is to make construction sites accessible efficiently, while keeping all contractors and workers compliant. We help construction companies prevent fraud and exploitation by keeping the bad guys out through our proven compliance process.

We're picking up speed

We have contracted the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands and work together with many parties that all want to contribute to a fair and honest working environment in the construction industry. We see new opportunities each day, and we work hard to raise our standards and those of the industry we work in.

Enter... you

For us, 2019 is about accelerating so that everyone in the industry can enjoy our proven concepts and new ideas. We are building an organization that is ready for the future.

What we offer you

An informal, social working environment:

... where directness and honesty is appreciated

... where commitment is high

... where you can take the initiative

... where you're encouraged to develop yourself personally and professionally

... where you can learn

... and you get responsibilities and accountability

We always have job openings on this website. Is your dream job in the list below? Then we'd love to hear from you.

A fair and safe working environment

That's our mission

<3 Haarlem